Slogan on Education

  • Education is must to all!
  • Educated citizens bring development in the country.
  • Education gives sweet fruit even after being bitter in taste itself.
  • Being involved in education dedicatedly is a good meditation for years.
  • Education is a key to the door of all the dreams.
  • Education is a key to success and freedom from all the forces.
  • Education is a way to unlimited learning.
  • Education itself is free of all the forces, age, sex, cast, religion, and region.
  • Education is a power and makes a person powerful.
  • Education fills the empty mind with good things.
  • Education replaces empty mind with positive thoughts.
  • Education connects people together at right path.
  • Education forces a person to think positive and do right deeds.
  • Education is the best way to reform people.
  • Education makes children’s world better.
  • Education changes your bad today into good tomorrow.
  • No one remains of the education!
  • Education makes a society free of superstitions and taboos.
  • Education takes a person out of the social issues.
  • Education brings opportunities of unlimited learning.
  • Education has limit but learning not! Be a good learner lifelong.
  • Education brings affinity and kills differences in the society.
  • Education is the place where learning begins but ends nowhere.
  • Education is the only tool to win over all the violence.
  • Education is smart enough to change the human mind positively!
  • Education is a utility which makes human a personality.
  • Education makes a door to bright future.
  • Education is a way to success in life.
  • Education is a best friend goes lifelong.
  • Education is one of the birth rights of all.
  • Education makes a person a responsible citizen.
  • Education safeguards the liberty of a person.

Author: kv1devlalilibrary

Kendirya Vidyalaya No.1, Devlali Near Devi Mandir, Rest Camp Road, Devlali Nashik, Maharashtra-422 401 E-mail: Web site:

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