Factors that’ll help you decide your stream after class 10

   As we all know, the primary education in India is followed by the secondary education. Primary education aims to impart basic knowledge and a sense of responsibility among students. However, to understand and meet the demands of the society, it is essential to gain secondary education.

   This is the crucial turn in a student’s life, where he/she decides which subjects to choose. Are you a student of class X or a parent of a class X student? Trapped in the dilemma of choosing the right stream?

   After reading this post you will be able to take an informed decision. Now, let’s go through the factors that you need to consider before taking this decision.

  • What do you aspire to be? As a student, you must only select a stream that you can connect with, the stream that matches your aptitude and interest. For instance, if you intrigued by technology, then science is the correct stream for you. But, if you are fascinated by history and philosophy, humanities is your cup of tea
  • Industry/Sector Research: Before arriving at any conclusion, do a thorough research or discussion with peers and seniors. Furthermore, you can do an industry/sector analysis to better understand the future prospects of the stream. Whatever field you go for, it is advisable to be well informed about the eligibility and other requirements.
  • Assessment of your mark sheets: In addition to the above, you should analyze your mark sheet in each subject before making any decision. Mere inclination towards any subject should not be the only basis to select any stream.
  • Career advice from home, school: Discussion with seniors, parents and teachers can help. Many a times, s students ignore their passion and follow parent’s decision. Don’t let anyone pressurize you into pursuing a field you don’t like.
  • Visit a career expert:To gain in-depth knowledge of various streams, you can go for career counseling. Career experts typically conduct tests that are scientifically designed and formulated to help you know the right stream after class 10th. You can also take Future Map test to figure out the right career for yourself.
  • Career awareness: Attending career guidance or educational fairs, seminars would also be a good idea to explore career choices and to help students plan their next step.

   Having said that, we hope you would not choose a stream simply because your best friend is opting for it. Do what YOU want. And don’t be hasty in your decision. Gather inputs from people and various sources. Convince yourself and then your parents. There is no good and bad stream and a lot of opportunities are there in every field. Choosing the right stream makes a significant improvement in your career path. Therefore, choose wisely and all the best.

Author: kv1devlalilibrary

Kendirya Vidyalaya No.1, Devlali Near Devi Mandir, Rest Camp Road, Devlali Nashik, Maharashtra-422 401 E-mail: kv1devlibrary@gmail.com Web site: www.kv1devlalilibrary.wordpress.com

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