Digital Learning: Best Resources, Tools, and Apps for Teachers

The future of educational technology will rely on how well teachers are able to use them in the classroom, which means that they will have to think differently about how they teach. I have put together a list of online tools that teachers can use to enhance their experience in the classroom, and they can help students have a stronger learning environment.(Please Click and Download)

1: Dropbox :- Cloud computing has become a technological tour-de-force in the last few years, and it has changed the way people store files on their computers. The same technology can also be used in a classroom setting, as it can make it easier for teachers and students to share files and electronic documents. Dropbox has a number of features that can allow teachers to share specific folders with their students, and they can access them from their computers. 

2: ClassDojo :- A large part of teaching is managing the classroom, and ClassDojo makes the process easier. However, it doesn’t focus on the standard “gold star” method that has been used by teachers for years. It puts more emphasis on providing “positive feedback” to students. 

3: Edmondo :- Communication in the classroom can be a challenge, especially if you have a large group of students to manage. Edmondo can offer a more streamlined approach to this part of classroom management. 

4: Educreations :-Somesayy that the whiteboard as we knew it is dead, but it has been given a new life with Educreations. It gives you the ability to create electronic whiteboards with lessons and tutorials that you can share with your students. It’s easy to create diagrams, commentaries, animations, and other instructions, and you can even record audio for narrative purposes. Not to mention, you can share it with your students – both in the classroom or via e-mail or social media.

5: TED Talk :-TEDDTalk has a library of video lectures that cover a wide range of topics, and they can be used in the classroom to supplement what you are teaching.

6: Unplag  :-Unplagg plagiarism checker is great for uncovering academic dishonesty, since the system spots text similarities in student works. Educators add papers to their profile library and check submitted works against the Internet or other files in the library. After the check teachers can upload plagiarism reports or view the history of checks in the library. It’s also possible to email students and send them plagiarism report.

7: Slack:-This is a great tool for assigning group projects, as students can easily collaborate with others in their group. Slack also streamlines the communication among students so they can work together from remote locations. It looks similar to a Facebook group, but it also incorporates Google Docs and Google Hangouts so students can share files with each other.

8: Google Apps for Education :-Google has a suite of apps that are designed for educators. In fact, many teachers love Google Hangouts because it allows students to have video-based conversations from remote locations. It can be a great way to conduct online discussions and debates.

9: Remind :-Almost every child in America has a smartphone, and Remind is a great way for teachers to use them to their advantage. It can allow you to send reminders to your students via text message, but they are only one-way. They won’t have the ability to respond, and Remind will never disclose the phone numbers of either person involved (this includes the teacher as well as the student).

10: Edublogs Blogging has become an important part of Internet culture, and teachers can use them to their advantage. Edublogs is a WordPress-based blogging platform that is designed with the teacher in mind. It can be great for creating online documents (such as assignments and handouts) that you can share with your students, and you can even add images.

11: Socrative One of the hardest parts of teaching is grading, and Socrative is a great way to simplify the process. Not only can it help you to grade, but it can also make it easier to send reports and quizzes to your students.

12; Read write think is a must in your ELA class. There are many great templates and tools to help improve student writing and inspire creativity.

13:  Learn About Animals    The San Diego Zoo is a great place for students to explore and learn all about animal. There are videos/ live cams and more …

14: Listen & Read – For Early Learners

54 non-fiction read along books. Great to use during guided reading, whole group instruction from your SMART Board, or during independent reading.

15: Math Animations Here are some Math animations– awesome way to show math on your SMART Board.

16. Free multimedia (video) resources for teaching and learning with technology

17. Top free resources for teaching and learning Arts and Music 

18. Quiz Tools for 21st Century Teachers

19. Sources to find Freeware or Open Source Software

20. Resources for Teaching Digital Literacy

21. Top free resources for teaching and learning Social Studies

22. Top free resources for teaching and learning Science 

23. Top free resources for teaching and learning Mathematics 

24. Top free resources for teaching and learning English Language Arts




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