21st Century Skills

    A self-directed program created for Ohio educators to explore and engage in web 2.0 technologies and 21st Century Learning Skills.  

   Join us in these 21 simple activities or tutorials brought to you by INFOhio, the Information Network for Ohio Schools. You will learn the tools of the second generation Internet: Web 2.0 collaborative tools that are bringing our students in touch with the entire world through social networking, wikis, video, podcasting, and gaming sites.

   There are 21 “Things” or self-directed lessons for you to complete. These “Things” offer many resources for your exploration and experimentation. They also offer opportunities to develop creative ways to use these resources to engage learners, to collaborate with other classroom teachers and librarians, and to develop a personal learning network.  Once you are registered, you can work through the “Things” with no deadline to finish. Participate for your own enjoyment or to earn credit or CEU’s.  For credit information, click here.Register and join us any time after February 1st, 2010 when we kick-off this unique learning program for educators of 21st Century learners

   This program is inspired by the Learning 2.0: 23 Things program developed by Helene Blowers at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County and adopted by many other libraries and organizations since then and “43 Things I might Want to Do This Year” developed by Stephen Abrams. Content and style for 21 Essential Things for 21st Century Success has been borrowed and duplicated under a Creative Commons license.  INFOhio is indebted to both Stephen Abrams and David Loertscher in the development of the INFOhio 21st Century Learning Commons. The INFOhio 21 Essential Things development was a team effort (developers and contributors).  

    Are You Preparing Your Students for Their Future? Are You Up-To-Speed? What: 21st Century Skills

 Are You Up-To-Speed? Getting Acquainted with INFOhio Resources for Teachers, Librarians and 21st Century Students What: INFOhio Site introduction, Help Resources and 21st Century learning grid

     Are You Encouraging Student Success in Creative Projects and Research Assignments? What: Database Widgets and Research Project Calculator

     Are You Keeping Up Professionally? What: EBSCO Professional Search

     Do You Use The Latest Trends to Keep Up? What: Alerts/RSS feeds

     Do you Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility? What: Internet Safety and Social Networking

    Homework Help @ Home What: Free KnowItNow chat service

    Can you Find Resources for all Learning Levels and Styles with One Click? What: Resources for all learning styles includes audio, video, and reading levels

    Do You Know How to Effectively Evaluate Your Students’ Information Literacy Skills? What: TRAILS (Tool for Real Time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills)

    Are You Up-To-Speed with New Search Engines and Graphical Display Options?

    What: World Book Web Search, Google Options, Google Squared, and Wolfram Alpha

    Cool Tools for 21st Century Projects What: Student products and collaboration tools: Glogster, Wordle, Google Docs

    Helping Students “Go Further” .. Beyond High School What: Transitioning to college and the work force

    Focus on Student Goals and Success What: Learn where the how-to’s are including tutorials, test preparation and e-book titles

    INFOhio Power User: EBSCO What: Find current and primary source content on subjects such as Global Awareness, Economics, Science and more…

    INFOhio Power User: It’s Not Your Mother’s Encyclopedia! New World Book Tools for 21st Century Skills What: Primary Sources, Timelines, Videos, Backpack

    INFOhio Power User: Free Digital Videos What: From Aquatic Ecology to Malcolm X: free videoclips for your classroom

    INFOhio Power User: Cat 2.0 What: Learn how easy it is to find standard based materials through your library.

    INFOhio Power User: Ohio iTunes and eBooks from INFOhio What: Teaching and learning with podcasts and eBooks

    INFOhio Power User: Images Galore! What: Teaching and learning with visuals

    INFOhio Power User: Resources for STEM What: Science, math and technology classroom resources

    Capstone: Putting It All Together What: Seemless integration of  skills and resources into your instructional strategies



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