Do’s and dont’s in the Library

  • Do make use of the Library.
  • Do have consideration for other students
  • Do recommend books and articles that you’ve read
  • Do use areas designated for group or quiet study appropriately.
  • Respect the needs of others.
  • Please speak in a low voice when conversing with others.
  • Do look after library materials, equipment, furniture and facilities. Help keep them in good condition for future users.
  • Do make sure you know what library materials you have borrowed. Return them on time to avoid fines and as a courtesy to others.
  • Don’t show interesting picture to others.
  • Don’t pass the magazines on the table.
  • Don’t fight for the magazine near the rack.
  • Don’t ‘write / fill / colour anything
    Don’t answer the puzzles / fill in the blanks / finding ways / cross word puzzles.
  • Replace the magazines in the place fixed for them, after reading.
  • Don’t bring in food or drinks other than bottled water.
  • Don’t disturb others around you.
  • It’s your Library, so DO respect Library property and do your part to keep everyone safe.

Reading Room Photo-IMP - Copy

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